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There are more calories in alcohol than you might think. Did you know:

• a glass of wine has similar calories to a slice of cake?

• a pint of bitter equates to a slice of pizza?

• a spirit and coke is around the same as eating half a doughnut?

• as few as two standard alcoholic drinks can slow down your body’s fat-burning process by 73 per cent?

• A recent survey of slimmers showed that four out of ten of them consume 1,000 calories in alcohol on just one night out.

Something else to consider is that your body responds to alcohol differently than it does to food. Your liver recognises the components in alcohol as toxins, so your body stops processing nutrients from food you’ve eaten while it takes care of the toxins first. As a result, your body burns empty alcohol calories (which are low in nutrients) for energy.

While this is happening, the digestion of nutrient-rich food is delayed. By the time your body is ready to burn the actual food calories, it may not need the energy and instead stores the calories you’ve eaten as fat cells.

Another interesting fact is that we are more likely to eat ‘fast food’ after drinking alcohol. Alcohol increases your appetite by suppressing leptin, the hormone which normally tells your brain to stop eating.  It also affects many other brain chemicals that are involved in appetite suppression.

We also have less will power after drinking and so making the decision to have that pizza or takeaway is all the more easy!

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