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Home Safety

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service recognise the link between alcohol and fires. It makes you drowsy and impairs your judgement.  It is a fact that most fires are caused by cooking, most fire deaths are caused by smoking related activities; both are potentially lethal when combined with alcohol.  Do not mix them !

It is proven that the majority of fatal fires are started by smoking materials.  You can cut the chances of this happening to you.  Cigarettes and matches should be correctly extinguished within the home.  Put it out - right out!  Go to this website for more info.

This PDF provides information on matches and lighters and the dangers of smoking and alcohol combined, details are also provided on how anyone can request a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit and have a FREE smoke detector fitted.

For Householders

Play an active role in keeping your home safe from fire. Check out the brand new home safety leaflets on this link.

It is essential that your home has a working smoke alarm on each level of the property. If a fire starts, this will give you and your family time to get to safety.

Doors slow down the spread of potentially deadly smoke and flames, so it is important to remember to close them at night.

Fire often starts in the kitchen and no-one should ever leave a cooker unattended while it is in use or cook whilst under the influence of alcohol.

It is also important to stay with any lit candles and make sure they are kept away from children and pets, and from curtains or other flammable materials.

The information in the link will help you to protect your home and family with regards to safety within the home.  You can also find out how to request a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit, how to prepare an emergency escape plan, kitchen, household and electrical safety.