Support Loved Ones

I have a loved one who has a problem with their drinking. What can I do?

When someone develops a drinking problem, it is often a partner, family member or someone close who notices it first. The person who is drinking is often not ready to deal with their use of alcohol.

Our "Looking after others: a booklet for families" document looks at the common signs and behaviours of a drinking problem, the impact it can have on loved ones and how to get help and support.

The TCA offers support and a counselling service to family members and loved ones affected by someone else’s alcohol use. It can be helpful to gain a better understanding of how to help and support a drinker and receive emotional support about the impact it is having on you.

Al-Anon also offers support and understanding to the families and friends of problem drinkers. Contact details for both organisations can be found in the Help section.